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Magnum's Duraroll™ Flooring – Engineered for Success

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Magnum DuraRoll™ Flooring is the one stop solution for your floor covering needs. DuraRoll™ is specifically designed for fitness applications where heavy use and abuse are common for floor surfaces. Magnum uses state-of-the-art technology to blend the highest quality recycled rubber into rolled flooring that is comfortable, safe, and durable. Simple, low cost installation with minimal waste make DuraRoll™ the most practical and economically sound flooring choice for fitness, recreational, and commercial applications.

Our rubber flooring is environmentally friendly in both its manufacture and recycleability. Our flooring is available as tiles or sheet and as you might expect, it's very flexible indeed, and can be used in an infinite number of ways where no other floor finish can.

• Multiple Dynamic Colours • Colour Burst Technology
• Custom Cutting Per Specification • Tight, Seamless Joints
• Noise Suppression • Shock Absorbent
• Low-Maintenance • Easy Installation
• Non-skid Surface – Even When Wet
• Scuff Resistant • Stain Resistant
• Cost Effective • Durable
• Odor Free
• Made in the USA

Interlocking Dura Tile
Deco Tiles
Symbol Tiles